Section of my website just for photographers :) 

I am creating a new blog for all of you with behind the scenes, information on equipment and social media videos. 


On-line webinars are the perfect way to learn in your own home.  Its an on-line seminar.  You will be able to ask live questions during the talk, just like if you were at an event.

Below is the information on my current list of webinars available. 

Advertising on Facebook - ONLY £10 
*90 minute webinar
*the ins and outs  
*Creating the right Target Audience
*Boosting a post and making it work. 

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On-line One to One Training

I am currently offering one hour on-line one to one training sessions.  These take place using something similar to skype (Zoom).  We can look into your social media, work on creating a plan moving forward, or if you have an specific questions for me we can cover those. BUY ME for just £50 (usually £75) 

You can schedule your session here:

On-line Facebook Course

Are you struggling to make Facebook work for your business?  Are you confused on what adverts are what?  Are you wondering what you should post?

This course will cover everything from basics through to advertising and more.  Whether you are starting your page, or have been running it for years there is information for all of you.   

Videos are in small segments with titles and descriptions so you can find the best information for you without having to watch hours of footage to find it.

Videos include: 

*Basics - including what to post
*Creating organic reach
*Understanding Insights
*Advert manager
*and more

Videos will be updated when Facebook make changes to make sure you have the most relevant information. .  There is also be a Facebook group just for anyone on this training. 

BUY ME for only £49 and receive a half hour on-line one to one included.