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On-line Facebook Course

Are you struggling to make Facebook work for your business?  Are you confused on what adverts are what?  Are you wondering what you should post?

This course will cover everything from basics through to advertising and more.  Whether you are starting your page, or have been running it for years there is information for all of you.   

Videos are in small segments with titles and descriptions so you can find the best information for you without having to watch hours of footage to find it.

Videos include: 

*Basics - including what to post

*Creating organic reach

*Understanding Insights


*Advert manager

*and more

Videos will be updated when Facebook make changes to make sure you have the most relevant information.  

There will be a live webinar once a month to cover any questions that you have.  There will also be a Facebook group just for anyone on this training. 

Only £39 (usual price £59) if purchased in June.  This is a one off payment!  

Feedback from others

"I’ve had a Facebook page for years but was always bad at posting things. Never knew what to post or how I should post things so I thought this 5 week course was worth a go.

I’m only 3 weeks in but after following Michelle’s advice I’ve already seen my reach increase, to as much as 2.3k on one post, and my engagement has increased too. I’ve even gained about 20 likes, whereas before the course I would maybe gain one a month.

I found the insights week particularly useful as it finally demystified the part of the FB page I have avoided for so long. But by using that I was able to understand my fans a little better and work out when and what to post. In my view this week alone was worth the price of the course!

Finally having the FB group and Michelle on hand to answer specific questions was particularly useful. She’s a great teacher and is able to explain things in a great way and always in a positive manner :)" Peter Paredes

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